Frequently Asked Questions

Window Cleaner, frames sills and doors
What does window cleaning include?

Here at Panda Window Cleaning we pride ourselves on being window cleaners not just glass cleaners. Thats why every clean includes Frames, Sills and Doors...every time! Our work always comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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Window Cleaning in rain
Can you clean windows in the rain?

Yes! Rain water is incredibly pure and doesn't contain sediment or minerals. When the raindrops hit the glass it disperses the dirt which is already on the window, when the rainwater dries it will appear as streaks or spots as the rain evaporates from the glass. So it is not rain water that makes your windows dirty, it is the dirt already on your windows that makes it dirty. As we are confident cleaning in the rain doesn't effect your windows Panda Window Cleaning offers a "rain guarantee", if you are not happy with the result we will return for free.

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Window Cleaner Covid PPE
Can window cleaners still work during the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic?

Yes. Window cleaners can leave home for work purposes, as the work cannot be performed from home.

Panda Window Cleaning takes the health and safety of our customers seriously. That is why we provide "contactless" window cleaning. We can provide quotes electronically, as well as messaging you a reminder of when your clean is due and emailing you an invoice when the work is complete. We also take online payments and ensure social distancing.

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Why can you leave the windows wet?

We use purified water to clean your windows. This means it has gone through a 5 -stage filtration process to remove all impurities. We remove dirt from your windows with a purpose made pole and brush then thoroughly rinse the glass. The pure water is left on the windows to dry naturally as it drys crystal clear without any watermarks.

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Do window cleaners work in winter?

Yes, even though it can get quite chilly there is good reason to continue during the winter season. Frames and sills left for a considerable amount of time can get staining and discolouration which is difficult, even at times impossible to remove. So to preserve your window from long term damage it is recommended to keep up with the cleaning.

Winter too is the time you want to let the sunshine in!

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How regular are windows cleaned?

This depends on your cleaning preference and environment.  Factors can include homes near trees, busy roads, close to industrial areas and so on. 

Most of our customers choose once every 4-12 weeks.

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Wall Clock
Do you come at the same day at the same time?

No, your cleaning can fall on any day of the week between 8am-5pm. However, we make sure we keep you informed and send you a reminder message the day before with your time slot.

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